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The Company

Obsidian Solutions Inc. is one of a kind contemporary business support company that specializes in digital marketing solutions. June 2015 marks the birth of Obsidian Solutions. As a European level agency, we develope projects covering all aspects of different marketing tools and means. With exceptional quality techniques our main power is to increase sales and reduce operating costs.

Obsidian Solutions Inc. offers a full range of marketing communication to educate our partners on best marketing and business practices. The company strength lies in activities related to digital and traditional marketing including, but not limited to a development management, big data, referral technique, merchandising materials, and monthly promotional opportunities.

The company's goal is to ensure presidents, directors and executives can take advantage of suite benefits of business support in order to be competitive within the marketplace.


You can have a career with the company if you think you are invaluable in what you are doing. What is the career opportunity? -Let us hear it from you.

Alliances & partners

Elite clientele is determined by unalterable and accurate criteria based on the viability of a product.

By techniques we utilize our main power is to increase sales and reduce operating costs for our partners (elite clientele).

Partnership criteria

The criteria list applies to a product (not the company itself). We deal on the basis of a partnership agreement with an entity who fulfills at least 3 of the criterion below.


Obsidian Solutions is an innovative technology company focused on the marketing and public relations industry. We offer marketing advice enabling presidents, directors and executives to take a new approach to their internet marketing strategy. We have developed effective and superior techniques, services, and solutions enabling us to become a leading power-house in the digital marketing space. Founded in 2015, Obsidian Solutions has rapidly become the industry's leading digital marketing company. Since opening our doors, we have created partnerships with a lot of different industry companies including law offices, advertising agencies, accountancy offices, e-commerce companies, and more.

Obsidian Solutions rose to the top of the advertising world because of our focus and commitment to our partners' success. Everything we do revolves around our customers and how we can help them generate more sales. Call today to request a meeting!

How similar Obsidian Solutions Inc. and volcanic glass obsidian are?

Volcanic glass obsidian

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth. Obsidian is hard and brittle; it therefore fractures with very sharp edges, which were used in the past in cutting and piercing tools. Obsidian is the rock formed as a result of quickly cooled lava, which is the parent material. Obsidian is mineral-like, but not a true mineral because as a glass it is not crystalline; in addition, its composition is too complex to comprise a single mineral. It is sometimes classified as a mineraloid. Though obsidian is usually dark in color similar to mafic rocks such as basalt, obsidian's composition is extremely felsic. No obsidian has been found that is older than Cretaceous age. Pure obsidian is usually dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities. Iron and magnesium typically give the obsidian a dark brown to black color. Very few samples are nearly colorless. In some stones, the inclusion of small, white, radially clustered crystals of cristobalite in the black glass produce a blotchy or snowflake pattern (snowflake obsidian). It may contain patterns of gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow, aligned along layers created as the molten rock was flowing before being cooled. These bubbles can produce interesting effects such as a golden sheen (sheen obsidian). An iridescent, rainbow-like sheen (rainbow obsidian) is caused by inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles.


June 2015 marks the beginning of the company with a bright idea to excel in business over internet questions. As of now company has grown 3 fold by measurement of employee number.